Don Sphynx cats and tomcats

Karabas Magic Leksy.RU, DSP a 21 33 (import Russia)


CH Evkrata Magic Leksy. RU, DSP n 213303, flock (import Russia)

         Type of fur flock is for me something beautiful, very pleasing to touch. Millimeter fur, which is “charged” in skin creates feel like a cat is in impregnated coat. This is compromise for breeders which don’t like fully “naked” cats and they are yearning about kitty which doesn’t need tiring maintenance. She doesn’t need bathing very often, because fine hairs on skin will absorb the grease. Shammy hair protects eyes and ears. Hair in skin creates fairness of ticked tabby pattern and richness of colours. They are always neat and tidy.

         We brought Evkrata from Russia. Type of fur is flock, bicolour with blue eyes and drawing is a sample of beauty and sleekness. When the kittens with fur will born, someone would think bad things about it, but we deem it like a priority in Don Sphynx breeding. We are learning from Russian breeders (home country of this cat) which are trying to reach better immunity with newborn hairy kittens. They prefer crossbreeding when one of the parents is fully naked – gummy and the second is with flock or brush type of fur. In the end, their dominant gene of hairless will make a falling of the fur and this will create an elegant Sphynx. Don Sphynnx is beautiful cat with extremely kind temperament. Sphynx is the most cuddly and intelligent pet in your house or flat. The most important for us is to breed Don Sphynx with perfect health and immunity.


Delisa Mystery Fortuna.SK DSP n 03, flock

         Delisa is black cat with little proportion of white colour, type of fur is flock. Her mom is – CH Evkrata Magic Magic Leksy and her daddy is a tomcat from our rearing – IC Car Peter Pan Mystery Fortuna. She bewitched us with her beauty and amazing temperament. Posterity from our Delisa should be guarantee of the best what we can breed after years of breeding.