Devon Rex cats and tomcats

IC Graf Silver Antariys UA, ns 24 – (import Ukraine)

Owner is Ing. Antalová Mária, Teplý vrch

Silver-black tomcat with ticked tabby pattern and beautiful curly fur is experienced tomcat in our breeding station. Kitties inherit from Silver : fairness fur, ticked tabby pattern and blue eyes. They born in interesting colours. Silver is intelligent tomcat with amazing temperament that kittens inherit from him. Because of this we can recommend our rearing for felinotherapy (more about felinotherapy you can find in section "interesting things form cat world").

IC Argus Egoza. RU, DRX e (import Russia)

Cream-coloured tomcat with marked yellow eyes, big ears and very good temperament is newest increase in our breeding station. He flew from breeding station Egoza (Russia) to us. We didn’t choose him only for his lineage, but he bewitched us with unusually yellow eyes, muscle “man” figure and presupposition of quality fur.

CH UA* TWIN STAR Laura, DRX f 21 32 (import Ukraine)

Tortie-black kitten Laura with blue eyes and ticked tabby pattern from breeding station Twin Star represents for us the cat of modern devon. Beautiful curly fur, big eyes and interesting colouration gives to us postulate, that from coupling with one of our tomcats will born kittens interesting in type and colouration. Laura is successful like a Klara at international exhibitions of cats. She started her exhibition career with nomination to BIS and that she got opportunity to participate at World’s cat exhibition, which will be in Austria soon.

CH GREAT ELF of BETTYNA, DRX g 24 (import Ukraine)

Blue-cream tortoiseshell kitten with ticked tabby pattern bewitched us on photos of our “kittie” FB friend. We didn’t plan increase of our rearing, but Bettynka from breeding station Great Elf, from that moment belongs to us. We hope that “blue is good” and she will bring to our red-tortoiseshell world of colours little piece of cold blue. Exhibition career she started with nomination to BIS, this gave a precondition, that from Betty will grow a beautiful Devon Rex.