About Devon Rex

From the history of Devon Rex

Its name already indicates a place to which the origin of the cat with curly hair is attributed. However, its structure is different from other types of curly cats, e.g. Cornish Rex. In 1960 Mrs. Beryl Cox from Devon, UK caught and domesticated an alley cat. When she delivered kittens she discovered a young tomcat having wavy hair. The same she admired on a tomcat, which she had seen beside her house. He gave him a name Kirlee. Later on she let him to a Cornish Rex cat thinking they will give birth to kittens with wavy hair. Seeing that kittens with flat hair were born she came to a conclusion that hair of his tomcat Kirlee must have a different genetic basis. In this way she continued mating the tomcat with his daughters and various other cats, which had been giving birth to wavy kittens for many generations. Gradually the profile has changed and the hair structure has upgraded. It was the year 1967 in England when Devon Rex got recognised as a new short-haired breed. Today it is recognised by the world organisations WCF, FIFE, included the American CFA and TICA. The first Devon Rex fancier in Slovakia is Romana Balikova from Zilina.

How would we describe a "curly" cat ...

... and what is the difference between Don Sphynx and Devon Rex?

The appearance of Don Sphynx and Devon Rex is unmistakable with other cats. Both breeds are compared to extraterrestrial beings, dwarfs. Both are extremely intelligent. Temperament, cuddly nature and obedience are attributed to dogs. There is a well established slogan “If you cannot make a decision whether to buy a dog or a cat, buy Devon Rex”. Equally, hairless cats or many other breeds of cats can be a good substitute for a doggie. Suffice a man gives her attention and the kitty, even the domestic “ordinary one” is guaranteed to surprise him pleasantly. Not only they can fetch a ball, they listen to the name, demand your attention, but at the same time are able to empathise your mood and have an influence on it. Naturally I recommend studying professional literature; adjust one’s choice according to circumstances and make the final decision from the heart.

Physique of these cats is very similar. Their weight varies from 2.5 to 5 kg. They appear much subtler than you would say after putting them on the scale. Devon Rex has a broader chest from which come forelegs; thereby they appear to be slightly bowed. Tail is long, hairy, narrowing to the end.

First notable difference between the naked cat and Devon Rex is hair. Although sometimes it might be deceiving that the hairless is born hairy and the Devon Rex naked; their genes will cause that Don Sphynx usually looses his hair within 2 years. The other way around, Devon Rex just requires those 2 years getting the hair into shape typical for him. And so, around our house scuttle queers, moulted chicken, cats wearing punk “mohican” at the back and we only guess what exactly just passed.

Hair of Devon Rex is soft to touch, glossy, wavy to curly, but particularly thinner comparing to other hairy breeds. It is not so well “organised” as that of Cornish Rex; it rather appears to be slightly chaotic. We can find cats whose hair resemble permanent wave; also cats whose hair is almost flat; only its growth causes general impression of undulation. The object of fanciers is to achieve the best quality of hair. True Devon Rex should give the overall impression of a dwarf with big startled eyes.

While Devon Rex has short curly hair, Don Sphynx is hairless. His hair does not moult or just minimally. From the point of view of an allergic person both breeds are unique. You can bathe the hairless cat daily and by that get rid of allergens. Devon Rex has soft hair, thinner than other breeds of cats, which moults only minimally. Therefore, it is well tolerated by allergic people. Allergic reaction caused by the presence of allergens in saliva, which cat leaves on its hair, or skin when cleaning herself I recommend to test by allergic people preferably in an environment, where these cats live.

Even among Devon Rex there are all colour variants, combinations of white, and patterns as well. There are kittens with unusual combinations of colours born to the parents, who you would not even expect to have such colouring. It is all the more difficult to specify the colour, which needs to be stated in order to prove the pedigree. Thus more often it takes a while to wait for the expert opinion, like for example appraising of colour in determination class before exhibition.

Both of these cats are middle-sized having big ears. Both have their hind legs longer than forelegs. They like to sit on a shoulder, or they wind round a neck just to be close to you as much as possible. They let themselves to be carried like that. No problem observing surroundings from your shoulder like a little monkey.

The longer the ears, the more unique the individual appears to be. The ears are low-lying on the wide wedged head and together with the chiselled chin they complete its overall heart shape. Round forehead merges into a flat head. She has got considerably less hair on the head and ears than the body itself.

The eyes do not deceive. Don Sphynx keeps a strict eye on you. She looks through and document your whole self with interest and that is what appears to be extremely intelligent. Devon Rex with her big wide-apart eyes only wonders. When you already know that she is not frightened and at the same time does not have a reason why, she can only wonder at you and that itself is quite funny. You rouse in such a way that you find yourself smiling for no reason and with exactly the same joy you watch them. The colour of eyes harmonises with the hair.

“The naked” and “devons” are very jealous cats. They are demanding and ready to play tricks in order to win favour with you. Devon Rex is an expert in this. He is more vivid, demanding more physical activity till he gets tired. He provokes into playing. That is why I recommend her for fanciers, who have more time or children. Devon is happy to join children’s games.

What is the nature of Devon Rex?

Playful, intelligent and particularly social cat, which enchants you with her communicativeness. She surprises you with her talking back, or with the way of entering into conversation. Once I asked our black tomcat Napoleon once he was wishy-washy: “Are you sad, tommy?” and he replied “Yeaaah.”. “Are you going with me?” I asked and he again replied “Yeaaah.”. His favourite word is Noem. We named one kitten Noem and he shouted at her “Noem, Noem”. She loves people and dog company, too. She can play with anything. Balls, scratched paper, various caps. She has a liking for playthings which make sound or rather noise. She forces you to join the play. If you are inactive, she comes with something to get you up from the sofa. She finds out what annoys you most and takes the advantage of it. On the other hand she astonishes me how she listens when I call for her by her name. She immediately comes, let you stroke her and purrs out loud. She always wants you to be under her surveillance and she explores the environment where you stay. Their move is elegant and interesting from time to time. Sometimes I feel that I feed them with “gummy juice”. Either they jump high standing or they move hither and thither with such an incredible acceleration. When they are happy they are like spring lambs. As long as you want to obtain such kitten, you need to count with more playtimes dedicated to devon, which you will save with easy hair care. I call them “maintenance-free” cats. Since they have short non-shedding hair it is not necessary to comb them. As long as they live in a clean environment they are clean and beautiful.

What can we pride on ourselves and what exactly are our plans?

Despite the fact that we have earned a couple of awards at exhibitions and brought winner cups, I am pleased to the utmost with our breeding achievements. That is to say if we are lucky enough to raise all the kittens born in good health. Devon Rex kittens are born with lower birth weight at term. They are lot more sensitive and in case of emergency, when there is even a possibility of death, they require further assistance. For that you need to have experience. You must dedicate time to gather information and perpetually educate yourself (unless you do want to live and learn ;). These kittens leave their homes later than usual. Even a three-month-old devon is still too young to get vaccination against viruses. Consequently, the stay in breeding station extends up to even a month. My ambition is to increase birth weight of Devon Rex kittens in order to stimulate growth in terms of size and thus achieve distinction when they reach maturity. Breeding tomcat Graf Silver Antariys we imported from Ukraine. He is considerably bigger, having hair of better quality. United with the cat Double Fantasy of Paradise City.SK they produce almost desirable progeny.