This combination was very success, the skin of kitties isn’t gummy for touch, but fuzz overhanging from their skin creates comfortable chamois, some of the kittens are softly feathered. They are called impregnated cats. Kitty like this will born feathered like a housecat, but in first weeks of her life, the gene inherited from both of parents, will start falling of the long fuzz. From “ugly duckling” we have a “beautiful swan”. Advantage of these fuzzy – flocky cats against gummy is radical in their resistance with regard to illness. Skin isn’t oily, cat takes care about herself, frequent bathing isn’t necessary. They don’t nuzzle to pillows or seats. Soft fuzz will absorb their natural grease. Spot near eyes is clearly, the problem with infection near eyes is not problem now. Flocky cats have long and strong vibrissae, one of the most important tactile apparatus. For Don Sphynx with flock type of fuzz is shining coloration typical.  For breeder who observes growth and progress on his cat, is full of expectation from any change-over of his kitty. It’s not probable that siblings will be same. Our kittens might be absolutely naked or with soft velour. We depend on our kitties, when we crossbreed, we focus to achieve beautiful big open eyes, without any eye problem. We want to achieve that their fairness will be more shining, broader head, cat with more muscle figure and taller elegant legs.

born 24. 12. 2017

Parents  "Vianočiek"
CH Evkrata Magic Leksy.RU
Karabas Magic Leksy.RU

Ester - DSP a 03 33  - reserve

Etela - DSP n 33  - reserve

Elvíra - DSP n 21 33  - reserve


                    With well-bred breeds we have a bigger problem – immunity and health. The most what I appreciate is when the future breeder insists on health of his kitty. For us, the health of the kittens is the most important thing. Cute and snuggling they are J. Until the cat creates immunity and she’s stronger than bacteria, viruses and fungi , her risk-bearing age is her 1st year of life. Because of this, for kitties and new breeder is advantageous when kitten arrives to new home later than admits regulations in FIFA – 3 months. We are happy when we are in contact with new breeder and we can take care of our cats. What is bad, we can’t 100% assure their health, we can’t do that, because they are living beings. That’s why we have specific assurances recorded in agreement. This is big abatement of finance risk for our customers.